Lavender Soothe-All Salve

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Lavender Soothe-All Salve


Perfect for the face and body, this salve is made with simple ingredients, and works magic!  The lavender is perfect for addressing those persistent pimples, soothes the body, and gives you that refreshed and calm feeling to help you step into your day with trusting confidence!

A simple and highly potent salve, which you can use on your face and body.  Apply after a shower to condition and moisturize the skin, or on inflamed skin.  The lavender serves as an anti-bacterial all the while quelling your nervous system.  IN-Joy!

To Use:
Apply to face or anywhere on body to feel nourished!


  • Lavender buds infused in grapeseed oil
  • Biodynamic Beeswax
  • Lavender Essential Oil

*All ingredients are organic, homegrown, wildcrafted, and ethically Sourced*

"I started using this salve because I was searching for an all natural moisturizer for my face for quite some time.  I have extremely sensitive skin so finding something that isn't too harsh, yet still effective has been a life long struggle.  The effects were immediately apparent, the calming properties leave me less blotchy and my skin had an immediate new level of moisture without feeling like I was clogging my pores.  I love everything about this product, it is the only thing I use in my face care arsenal.  Supporting a local apothecary and knowing what I put on my face is harvested locally and made with love is just the icing on the cake." - Chelsea V.

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