Seasonal Wellness Kit

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Seasonal Wellness Kit


The spring season can be quite harsh, with it's abrupt awakenings, and the birthing of a new bloom.  Our body mirrors the releasing and melting away of the winter, while gearing up for the spring season via the activity of the liver and gallbladder. This seasonal wellness kit is designed to help your body, mind, and spirit gracefully navigate the transition into seasons, and to embrace the change with open arms.  These spring tonics will be sure to keep you, your liver & gallbladder, and your entire body thriving!

This Seasonal Wellness Kit Includes:

  • Liver Tonic Tincture
  • Radiant Heart Salve
  • Anti-inflammatory Fire Tonic
  • Headache Relief Tea
  • Home Grown Smudge Stick

*All ingredients are organic, homegrown, wildcrafted, and ethically sourced*

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