Radiant Heart Salve

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Radiant Heart Salve


Heart ache can be gruesome, but on the flip side of the grief is a free dive into complete loving expansiveness.  This salve was made to heal and remind the heart that it is okay to remain open, all the while providing a calm, fresh, balanced, and uplifting energy.  Comfrey promotes tissue regeneration and wound healing, reducing any inflammation or scarred skin.  Cedar works on the respiratory system, clearing out bronchial congestion and acting as a tremendous disinfectant.  Together, the infusion of cedar, comfrey, and sage form a stimulating yet simultaneously relaxing experience.  It's like going "forest bathing," taking a nice long walk in the woods, and being able to finally breath again. 


  • Comfrey & Cedar infused Grapeseed oil
  • Biodynamic Beeswax
  • Sage essential Oil
  • Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil
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