Moon Cycle Herbal Tea

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Moon Cycle Herbal Tea


Mother nature got you feeling a bit cranky and down, or doubled over in pain?  This moon cycle blend reboots your calcium levels, reduces excess bleeding, increases Vitamin A, reduces skin inflammation, and revitalizes your blessed womb space and organs.  Step into grace and ease during your cycle this month!

As women, our calcium levels drop in the body around ten days prior to our cycle - which is one of the main contributors to menstrual pain, cramping, and bloating.  The yarrow helps to constrict your capillaries and blood vessels, reducing the excess blood flow and cramping, while the oat tops and raspberry leaf provide a tremendous source of calcium to replenish depleted levels.  Nettles is an excellent reproductive tonic for woman, and peppermint helps to lift the flavors, and open your respiratory system.  


  • Yarrow Flowers
  • Peppermint Leaf
  • Oat tops
  • Raspberry leaf
  • Nettles

*All organic ingredients, loose leaf herbal tea*


"Moon cycle tea is amazing, I cannot sing its praises enough.  I drank it throughout my last cycle, especially during my luteal and menstrual phases.  I had no PMS - no fatigue, cravings, cramps, or breast tenderness.  I couldn't believe it!  The herbs do a wonderful job of balancing out the hormones to make the monthly cycle a little bit smoother." - Susan K.

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