Welcome to the Sacred Circle online shop! Here you will find all of the current Sacred Circle Apothecary offerings, including teas, salves, tinctures, heating pads, smudge sticks, and more!  All products are seasonally unique and made in small batches. 


Soothe-all Lavender Salve

Perfect for the face and body, this salve is made with simple ingredients, and works magic!   The anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of lavender are perfect for addressing persistent pimples and other skin irritants.  Lavender soothes and relaxes the nervous system with it's sedative effects, while giving you that refreshed and calm feeling to help you step into your day with trusting confidence. 

Organic Anti-Inflammatory Salve

Are you a farmer, food & bever', or just use your hands & body all the dang time?  Chamomile forms the base of this salve, which is a highly potent anti-inflammatory herb with GABAnergic activity - meaning it is high in anti-anxiety and anti-spasmodic properties.  Turmeric is another very effective anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating herb - providing more anti oxidants to nourish your body and nervous system, thereby reducing pain and swelling.  

Heal-All Radiant Heart Salve

Heart ache can be gruesome, but on the flip side of the grief is a free dive into complete loving expansiveness.  This salve helps open the respiratory system, and is effective for healing wounds, cuts, skin abrasions, and tattoos.  The cedar, sage, orange, and comfrey in the salve heal the skin and remind the heart that it is okay to remain open, all the while providing a fresh, balanced, and uplifting energy.  

Moon Cycle Tea Blend

Mother nature got you feeling a bit cranky, down, or doubled over in pain?  This moon cycle blend reboots your calcium levels, reduces excess bleeding, increases Vitamin A, eases skin inflammation, and revitalizes your blessed womb space and organs.  This herbal formula tones the reproductive system, providing a greater sense of ease during your special time of the month.

Headache Relief Tea Blend

Migraines, tension headaches, and pressure got you in a bind?  This blend is comprised of immune-stimulating herbs that ease pressure, bring relief, and retrain your body and nervous system to "find the middle path" and get back to a peaceful state of mind.  This blend provides a more holistic and practical way to manage stress, anxiety, and allergies.

Liver Tonic Tea Blend

This blend is focused on detoxifying, toning, strengthening, and revitalizing the liver and gallbladder.  This is a hepa-tonic blend that is effective at cleansing the liver of chemical poisons, recovery from alcohol, and digestive dysfunctions.  Feel more empowered when navigating the spring season, and when releasing accrued toxins - in a healthy way!

Liver Tonic Tincture

Wildcrafted and homegrown dandelion and burdock form a trine of spring tonic herbs that work to soothe, revitalize, tone, and detoxify the liver and gallbladder.  Ethically harvested from local organic farms, as well as cultivated from the Sacred Circle Herbal Garden, this liver tonic tincture is packed with potent herbs that decongest the liver, ease inflammation of the liver & gallbladder, improve digestive disorders, mildly stimulates bowels, and helps with chronic skin problems.  A good tincture to have on hand to to get your digestion & liver health back into balance!

Spirit Smoke Blend

An herbal smoke blend made for enhancing the art of ritual and ceremony.  This smoke blend soothes, nourishes, and brings a heightened sense of calm wakefulness to the individual who deeply enjoys the ritualistic practices of smoking and taking a moment for pause and reflection.  This blend is also wonderful for folks who are looking to quit cigarettes, but still very much enjoy the physical habits of rolling and smoking them.  This is a nicotine-free blend that is calming and soothing to the body. 

Rose Infused Massage Oil
$14 // $18

Oil infused with the sweetness and gentle touch of rose.  Highly potent and medicinal for self massage at the end of a long day, a sensual and effective way to remind your body how much you love and care; or perhaps your lover needs help to sooth and melt their aches and pains away.  This massage oil is most useful for cooling & reducing inflammation, moving lymph and stagnant or 'knotted' muscles in the body.

Anti-Inflammatory Fire Tonic

This fire tonic is jam packed with a whole cast of anti-inflammatory herbs that are ready to repair the immune and nervous system.  This highly potent remedy is filled with anti-oxidants, thereby reducing free radicals in the body - helping to usher you back to feeling like your normal superwoman (man) self!  It is an old time recipe, excellent for quelling the stress response cycles in the body, and is definitely a staple in the herbal first aid care kit.

Tulsi Basil Infused Honey

Homegrown Tulsi Basil infused local honey from Queen & Comb Apiaries, just right down the road!  This Tulsi basil infusion will be sure to help infuse adaptogenic properties into your diet, supporting your endocrine, immune, and nervous systems!  Get your daily dose to boost your immunity, and to maintain your health during seasonal change or stressful times.  The sweet, aromatic smell of Tulsi will immediately put you at ease. 

Rose Petal Infused Honey

Wild crafted and locally grown rose petals infused in local honey from Queen & Comb Apiaries. A spoonful of this honey will have your body and heart humming with it's anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and aphrodisiac properties (just to name a few!)  The warming nature of rose will melt your heart and provide a deep sense of nourishment and support.  
High in Vitamins B, C, E, and K, rose helps to fight off colds & flus, sore throats, bronchitis, mental & physical fatigue, & more!

Herbal Heating Pad

Tired, exhausted, and feeling a bit tender and achey?  Don't fret my dear, warm one of these herbal heating pads up to melt all those aches, pains, and tension from the body.  The aroma of ylang ylang, rose, and lavender will radiate out and restore your body with a sensual and nourishing warmth.  Best enjoyed with a cup of tea and your favorite lounge wear.  Melt into goodness.

Sage & Lavender Smudge Sticks

For the babe devoted to ritual and ceremony, these smudge sticks empower you to create sacred spaces teeming with magic. Each homegrown, organic, and wild-crafted smudge stick is made with freshly harvested sage and lavender; their grounding, cleansing, and sweet scents will invigorate your senses as you summon that divine space into existence. 

Hand-Sewn Ponchos

For the wild woman in you.  You know, the woman that seeks to run freely through the field of flowers along the side of the road, the woman who confidently owns her presentation at work, the woman who knows when to take time to tend to herself.  She's wild, she's free, she's radically vulnerable and confident.  She is you.

Rituals Kit

We all have our own rituals and personal ceremonies that bring us peace and a sense of contentment.  This kit is designed for those who enjoy the ritual of using the Spirit smoke blend, as well as cleansing with homegrown smudge sticks, and the refreshing and purifying ritual of a good face wash and moisturizing with the lavender salve.  This kit is all about self care, and the importance of those personal rituals that keep us feeling alive and our souls satisfied.

Seasonal Wellness Kit

The spring season can be quite harsh, with it's abrupt awakenings, and the birthing of a new bloom.  Our body mirrors the releasing and melting away of the winter, while gearing up for the spring season via the activity of the liver and gallbladder. This seasonal wellness kit is designed to help your body, mind, and spirit gracefully navigate the transition into seasons, and to embrace the change with open arms.  These spring tonics will be sure to keep your liver & gallbladder, and your entire body thriving!

Get Well Kit

Feeling under the weather, or know a loved one who is?  This kit is about nourishing the body with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and immune supporting herbs to ease inflammation, congestion, tension, or pain in the body.  This kit serves as a wonderful first aid set for when various types of ailments or cold symptoms arise, acting as your herbal first response team!  Take rest in knowing that all three remedies act on the various systems within the body to nourish and restore you back to vibrancy.

Organic First Aid Salve Kit

Highly potent and medicinal trifecta of homegrown salves, perfect as a first aid herbal remedies. This pack includes a soothe-all lavender salve, anti-inflammatory salve, and heal-all radiant heart salve. The soothe-all salve is an anti-bacterial and cleansing salve, perfect for toning and cleaning the face and body. The anti-inflammatory salve addresses any joint pain, inflammation, and provides pain relief. The Heal-all radiant heart salve is perfect for wounds, cuts, scratches, tattoo, and helping the skin to heal from any type of abrasions. These salves were created with having safe, organic, and nourishing properties in mind. With the skin being one of the largest organs in the body, we need to show some love by properly hydrating and healing it in safe, organic ways!

Moon Cycle Relief Kit

This kit is for those who experience pain, discomfort, or irregularities during their menstrual cycle.  The moon cycle tea alleviates abdominal cramping, spasms, bloating, skin blemishes & inflammation, while the lavender salve swoops in with it's anti-bacterial and nervine properties to repair and soothe skin.  Use the herbal heating pad to help relax abdominal pain & cramping while sipping on the moon cycle tea!  Often times, we need a multi-faceted approach to managing pain and regulating our menstrual cycles.  This kit aims to do just that -  imagine a world where you can actually enjoy your cycle!  This will quickly become a calming and relieving monthly ritual.