I heard your birthing screams through the night.
Sharp, Straight, and direct as an arrow- 
Clear as the owl's eyes.
Running fast through the forest to find you - 
To be the midwife of your dreams.

The path of healing always presents itself as a journey.  For me, it spoke through understanding the deep nuances of what it meant to be of service to the earth, to community, and to the love within myself.  This path unfolded in the idea of restoration, of tending to the spaces that were once bereft and in need of stark transition.  This process and embodiment of restorative action soon consumed my being, whether it was through cultivating abandoned urban city lots into thriving ecological oasis, farming and gardening, teaching permaculture and restorative agriculture practices, or empowering and educating students and community members to step into their own sovereignty; restoration has fulfilled and satisfied my soul.  It is my purpose.  

While restorative action has many faces, one that is most dear to me is the crafting, creating process, and teaching of herbal medicines.  The process of starting and cultivating seeds, tending to the soil, reading the land and seasonal patterns, and being fully present in this process that my ancestors once lived is not only necessary, but a deep honor.  It is soul fulfilling to share the results of those processes, to co-create with the environment and species around me to deliver medicine full of vitality, potency, and through the guidance of my ancestors.  Restorative agriculture and restorative justice are two of the foundational pillars of Sacred Circle Herbal Apothecary.  This company was birthed from the intention of becoming empowered by accepting the responsibility of my lineage, and to serve as an active citizen in very important times.  The physical products themselves are a result of reclaiming my own wilderness, by tending to the eternal wild woman whose intuition is synched with the very environment that surrounds her.  

The mission of Sacred Circle Herbal Apothecary is to provide an opportunity for restoration and tools for individuals and communities near and far to feel supported during their healing journeys and self care rituals.  To demonstrate and embody a truly connected lifestyle with the soul, community, and the earth through socially conscious herbal products and clothing.  It is a vehicle for connectivity with plant medicine, and most importantly for the products to serve as a physical reminder to lovingly tend to the wild spaces within ourselves so that we can show up with love and empowerment for ourselves and others.  This is for all of you who wish to nurture and love the wildness in you.  


Alexandra originally graduated at the College of Charleston with a degree in Political Science, Environmental Science, and a concentration in Indigenous Studies in 2014.  She has a plethora of experience in restorative agriculture and regenerative program management from her founding and managing the Department of Restorative Agriculture at the College of Charleston.  Growing up closely connected to her Italian, Eastern European, and Indigenous roots, herbalism has always been a constant theme in her life.  She is a practicing herbalist, a certified Permaculturalist, and has co-taught 72 hour PDC course, as well as run intensive restorative agriculture, preventative medicine, and community development workshops and internships.  She has woven the experiences of her time at the College into regenerative business management practices for Sacred Circle Herbal, and values supporting a local economy by sourcing organic products from her community and other intentional communities.