The Bitter & The Sweet: Navigating the Spring Season


<<< Spring Season Wisdom >>>

Isn't it mind-shattering, the divine tempo in which nature is syncopated?  The rhythmic qualities of the seasons revealing and giving rise to specific botanical medicines that serve an ecological function, while simultaneously fine tuning our bodies.  

The rise of this spring season has revealed so much wisdom for me; this potent medicine allowed me to explore the process of becoming undone -- by exhaling and releasing the stagnancy of this winter, and many winters past -- and listening to my body in new and more intimate ways.  It taught me a deeper knowledge base and sense of trust and dependency upon the living ecology in this area.  This spring season has evoked within me, a state of primal contentment.  A knowing relationship, that extends past capitalism, past societal norms, deep into the primordial state of being.  A complex simplicity.

<< Organs Affected during the Spring Season >>

With the release of winter, comes the sharp birthing pangs of new blossoms, new opportunities, ideas, decision making, and paths to traverse down.  These harsh and abrupt awakenings that correspond with the spring season are mirrored in the body, via the activity of the liver and gallbladder.  Personally, my gallbladder was, to say the least.  How about yours?  Anger, irritability, excess acne, pain, frustration, nausea, all of these symptoms and more elude to an out of balance liver & gallbladder.   

The liver and gallbladder play a vital role to the immune system, and the overall wellbeing of the body, as they help to facilitate detoxification, create new blood cells, and in regards to the spring, help us to discard the "weightedness" of the winter season. To get a better idea of why these organs are most affected by the spring season, here are the listed functions of the liver & gallbladder, according to Giovanni Maciocia, author of The Foundations of Chinese Medicine:


  1. Stores bile, closely related to the liver
  2. Dependent upon liver, which ensures smooth flow of Qi
  3. Affected by Anger
  4. week gallbladder = timidity & lack of courage


  1. Responsible for our capacity for recovering energy & it's contributions to the body's resistance to exterior pathogenic factors.
  2. Blood storage & platelet production
  3. Overall planning & decision making capabilities
  4. Ensures smooth flow of Qi (blood, energy) as well as proper direction of Qi
  5. "Army General" of the body (decision making abilities)
  6. Origin of courage & resoluteness
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This new realm of pain had led me into an immediate descent of "hibernation mode," only having the energy to tend and nurture my body through the grievances and purification processes.  It was from there that I began to really study the living ecology around me with a new lens. 

For my entire life, I have prioritized a relationship with the living world around me - something one might call Biophilia, or the emotional bonding and affiliation with other life forms, such as plants, trees, and other living species (See Stephen Harrod Buhner's book "The Lost Language of Plants" to dive deeper into biophilia and biognosis)  Being taught this sacred dance, dependency, and reciprocity that can exist between humans and plants, has revealed some very potent lessons that I am truly honored to share.  In the form of words, as well as herbal remedies.

While working with these spring time plants, I created a host of remedies that helped me navigate and get through these painful growing pains (as well as TON of acupuncture!)  With that, birthed the idea of creating an herbal seasonal wellness kit, where folks had access to herbal remedies that helps the body transition smoothly.  The seasonal wellness kit embodies the herbal allies and remedies for one to navigate the turbulent times of the spring season, and to keep you feeling balanced, easeful, and grounded.  In it includes many seasons of wisdom and dedication to learning from the earth, and cultivating as well as wild crafting these various species.  You will find:

  1. Liver Tonic Tincture
  2. Anti Inflammatory Fire Tonic
  3. Radiant Heart Salve
  4. Headache Relief Tea
  5. Homegrown Smudge Stick (Gotta keep things fresh!)

All of these remedies work symbiotically with the liver and gallbladder organs, the immune and endocrine systems to help us adapt with the seasons.  They are also simultaneously providing us some "space" to do mental explorations, and to really hone in on what deserves our attention and focus.  What dreams, goals, ideas, business plans, do we choose to nurture, tend, and help facilitate into full bloom?


Harvesting Dock (Arctium lappa) and other "weeds" from Lowland Farms, on John's Island, SC for the Liver Tonic Tincture.

Harvesting Dock (Arctium lappa) and other "weeds" from Lowland Farms, on John's Island, SC for the Liver Tonic Tincture.


< My Call to Action is This >

The spring season can be a lot, a whirl wind of chaos, dizzying excitement, and surprising boughs of grief -- if we allow ourselves to feel that.  Surrendering to the process of the spring season is no easy task, if you really allow yourself to experience it.  Now, this is not to say we must get attached and fixated on what is occurring within the body, but we MUST LISTEN, and have the capacity to receive those messages, receive help.  


That is my call to action - to listen to our bodies more deeply.  Because there is so much wisdom that comes from the communication between the body, mind, and the living ecology.  It is waiting, eager, and ready to support and facilitate us to more evolved states of our personhood.  

The Bitter and the sweet. The bitter of the spring prepares us - the chemicals and gut flora in our GI tract, our liver and gallbladder, our minds, to receive the abundance of spring. To be humbled by it all - making that great big birthing bloom digestible. 

The bitter tonics that arise from the earth such as dandelion, chickweed, purslane, burdock, crimson clover, and so much more, allowing us to shed more layers to become anew. 

Have you felt this personally, in your body, your spirit?  Comment below, or you can order your own seasonal wellness kit if you would like to receive some potent remedies to help nourish your liver, gallbladder, body, and mind.

Blessings & Abundance always,


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